sewer cleaning wilmington nc

Keep Your Drains Clean and Clear

Call Cape Fear Rooter for drain cleaning in Belville, Carolina Beach, Leland & Wilmington, NC

Are you dealing with slow drains at your home or workplace in Belville, Carolina Beach, Leland or Wilmington, NC? If water isn’t draining from your sink or tub, you might have a clog. Clogs are a normal consequence of using your plumbing, and most clogs can be cleared with a drain cleaning method such as sewer line cabling.
Why waste time trying to fix a clogged drain issue on your own with a plunger or store bought cleaner? Let our experienced drain cleaning professionals fix your plumbing issue in the most efficient way possible.

sewer cleaning wilmington nc

Are you tired of clogged drains in your home?

If the drains in your Leland and Wilmington, NC home are clogged, chemical cleaners are seldom the best solution. They might be cheap, but they can damage your drain and release harmful fumes. Liquid drain cleaners aren’t always effective, either. Sewer line cabling is a safe and trusted drain cleaning method.

Drain cleaning can help clean:

  • Tub drains
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Bathroom drains
  • Washing machine drain lines

Don’t waste time messing around with harmful chemical cleaners. Put your trust in the drain cleaning specialists at Cape Fear Rooter in Belville, Carolina Beach, Leland & Wilmington, NC. Call 910-777-3520 today.