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Take a Closer Look at Your Sewer System

Hire Cape Fear Rooter for plumbing inspections in Belville, Carolina Beach, Leland & Wilmington, NC

Do your drains clog repeatedly? Do cables and cleaners offer only temporary relief? There might be a bigger problem with your sewer line. The Original Cape Fear Rooter Inc. performs professional video camera inspections in the Belville, Carolina Beach, Leland & Wilmington, NC region.

Video inspection will help us find a broken sewer line or root growing in drain causing drain to back up. Our high-quality cameras can locate your sewer line issue without digging up your yard. The camera can be inserted through the pipes to give us a closer look. We can locate the source of the problem and take measures to prevent future issues. Call 910-777-3520 today to schedule an appointment!

Safe and clean inspections

If you're experiencing ongoing sewer drain problems, we might need to take a look at your sewer line. Inspecting your line and examining your pipes used to mean digging up areas of your yard. Video camera inspections allow us to look closely at your line to isolate the cause of your drain issues.

Call Cape Fear Rooter today at 910-777-3520 to ask about our video camera inspection services in Belville, Carolina Beach, Leland & Wilmington, NC.